Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Last week classes & trial (Cream City)

Keegan's 7/25/11 pre-novice class
Keegs seems to be doing a little better each week with focus.  The one problem I have noticed is the teeter; he does it really well the first few times but seems to get more tentative each time after as he goes over.  We are on a two week break before the next session begins so it will be interesting to see what happens when we get back.

Kiah's 7/26/11 class
When Kiah zooms she usually runs around the course maybe taking some jumps as she runs but this zoom was more of a "catch me if you can" zoom.  If I told her down, she would do her down but then jump up as I got close, then go a short distance then take off again as I got close.  I would swear she was thinking "ha-ha you can't catch me", she was having a blast. It went on for about five minutes which seemed like forever to me.  Once I was able to catch her, she settled down and did the course well.  Hope when we get back to classes the middle of the month it doesn't happen again.  We still are working on her focus as much as I have time.

Cream City Trial  July 22 & 23
I am getting a few of the videos together and will make some notes as soon as I am finished with the videos

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