Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Love, love this quote by Linda Mecklenburg

I need to practice this more with my dogs, they are all wonderful, unique and deserve to be treated this way.  The picture in the background is my young dog Thor who is just beginning agility.  He loves it but is not totally confident yet.

Friday, January 09, 2015

January 2015

January 24 - Great day at the Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club's Obedience & Rally Trial.  Thor got his first leg in Rally Adv.  Only 2 dogs qualified, we had the same score but Thor was a fraction of a second faster so he got first place.  He was pretty good off leash and very happy at his attitude.  Later in the day we had the second Rally trial and he also qualified in that too so now he has 2 legs in RA.  Last one for the day was his last leg for his Beginner Novice Title.  He did get more nervous and distracted as the day wore on but he is still a young boy yet so more confidence will come later.  I am so proud of what he has accomplished so far.

We had some wild runs at the Agility trial earlier in the month so no qualifications.  We have been working at keeping his attention so he doesn't run off and leave me.  Making some progress but will know for sure on the 31st when we have our next agility trial. I don't expect miracles but would love to see some small improvements.

January 8 - A new month and a new year, great way to continue Thor's agility and obedience career.  We have a trial this weekend, one day of obedience on the 24th and one day of an agility trial at the end of the month in which he will need to have his 2-year measurements.  Having so much fun with him, he has a great attitude, enjoys himself and keeps improving, I couldn't ask for more from him at his age.  He is such a great dog, love him.

Kiah and Keegs had a great time with my great-nephew house sitting with them but I do think they missed us.  I know Thor was so happy to see them and be home after two long weekends of being gone and staying in a hotel. 

Too bad it got so cold and so much snow on the ground that we can't do much outside, too hard on their feet.  Thor has a real tough time even with his boots on.  More later.......