Thursday, August 18, 2011

Agility class August 17

We have been on a 2-week break between class sessions but Kiah, Keegs and I continue to work at home on obedience, attention and agility.

I couldn't make it to Keegan's class on Monday, I had a meeting at work I had to attend so will have some updates for him next week.

Due to the new space class days have changed; Kiah and I are now doing Wednesday night classes and we have a new instructor, Cindy Platt.  It was a great class and Kiah did so well, no zooms, stayed with me and did everything I asked of her.  I am beginning to see more progress and it affects both Kiah's attitude and mine.  I am more relaxed and she is having fun which is everything I have been hoping for.

We have a 1-day trial on Sept. 11 (novice and open only) and a 2-day trial the following weekend (no confirmation yet). I am looking forward to the trials and am very excited to see how she handles the trial atmosphere.  I plan to work with her a lot while we are there; make her more relaxed and comfortable.

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