Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keegs Agility Class - 8/22/11

We practiced on jumps (set in a circle) working on getting the dogs to watch us while being aware of what there hind ends are doing.  We started out with Keegs on a leash with the jumps really low, then jumps a little higher, then with the jumps set at different heights.  Keegs did do a couple of zooms but settled back in very quickly and was very happy, bouncy doing the jumps.

We then did a whole course with jumps, weaves and tunnel; he did well except for weaves which we have not practiced at home since they are broken and I have yet to fix them (my bad and my weekend project).  On the second and partial 3rd run he did well on the weaves but was getting a bit tired and I think bored by the end of class.

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