Thursday, February 12, 2015

February-March 2015

3/19/2015 - Just had to post about how awesome Thor's contacts (2on 2off) are coming along, I am so proud of him.  In class last night at the start line he was so ready to go; head down leaning forward, so intent and watching me like a hawk.  I just love seeing that enthusiasm and his love for the game.  

3/8/2015 - We had our club's 3-day trial, Thor did a bit better each day and on Saturday he got his second leg in Standard.  Still dealing with run-offs if he gets ahead of me, doesn't really check in like he should.  He is awesome and I love running with him, we will only get better as we go along.

Some Obedience in March, we will be doing pre-novice and I am looking forward to see how we do off leash in a trial setting.  A day or two of agility towards the end of the month too.

Kiah was not able to run, she is still recovering from her surgery to remove her thyroid (cancerous tumor).  I will write a different post on that.

Keegs was entered one day, the teeter was the 2nd obstacle.  He is not pleased with the teeter and slid down it, landed wrong on his leg.  He was not putting any weight on it so he was carried off the course.  By the time he was carried to his crate he was able to put weight on it.  It ended up only being a muscle pull, thank goodness.  He has not had any issues since.

2/12/2015 - We didn't do so well at the CPE trial last weekend, the trial location makes Thor really nervous.  Normally once he is in the ring, his nerves vanish but not at this location and I have no idea why.  We will be trialing there often this spring so I hope the more we go the more the less nervous he will become.

My wonderful trainers, Diane Sanders and Beth Diehl along with Renee Fulcer's help showed last night in class.  This is an excellent/masters course and since we are in Novice we do not run the whole course.  Diane has been wonderful allowing Thor in this class.  Renee took a video on her phone of the last run so I am including it in this post.  Thor was still chewing his treat from the a-frame contact in the weaves which is why he did not complete them the first time.  On the other runs he did complete them without issues.  His turns are still wide but he is still a baby and we are both still learning so that will come in time.  I love running this boy, he is just so much fun!

Thor's video