Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What a day!!!!!!

I am beyond ecstatic, Thor and Kiah did so well June 15 at the North Shore Club Obedience and Rally trial in Libertyville, IL. They both got legs in their Rally classes in spite of mess ups from me.  Kiah now has 2 legs in Rally Advanced A and Thor got his 7th leg in Rally Novice.  Next trial Thor will be entered in Rally Advanced.

Now the awesome news; Thor got a 198 in Beginner Novice A for his first leg with a first place.  He was just so awesome especially the healing and figure 8.  It should be his second leg but the judge at the last trial called the second recall an NQ but I found out later that it was allowed.  I am sure he would have qualified though, it was still a good practice.  I was just so excited I was in LaLa land so when he said Kiah was second place I truly zoned out, so much so that I don't recall if he said a 197 or a 196.  Either way I was so happy.  There were only 4 dogs in the class, all qualified so everyone got a placement which was great.