Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Thor Update

We continue to take the private lessons and practice between sessions.  We are also still doing the puppy agility and socialization classes. Just stated doing some tracking with him, he is picking it up pretty quickly; the light bulb hasn't gone off yet but it will.

The past few weeks he has gone through a fear stage but is beginning to come out of it.  We have been doing a lot of socialization and putting him into new environments and situations so he gets used to them.  Last night a friend took him for a walk to the obedience side of the club so he could visit with others and he did very well. 

We have finally found a great food that he doesn't have any issues with and loves the taste of.  He occasionally still has an accident.  I think part of that is he plays so hard then all of a sudden can't wait; I just have to watch him more closely.

He is awesome and listens well plus loves to please.  He fits in perfectly with our family, just love that little guy!