Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keegs 8/29/11 Class

We practiced on correct weave entrances and contacts in class.  Keegs is having a really hard time associating the word weave with going to the weaves plus I need to give hand signals to go through each pole or he will skip weaving and walk next to them. We just need to practice weaves more at home.  

He did pretty well on his contacts but still needs to learn to "wait" until he gets his release command.  I was proud of his teeter work; he did much better than he did at practice on Sunday morning.

At the end of class we did the whole course and NO ZOOM!!!!! What a good boy! We haven't practiced the chute a lot and he had no idea of what I wanted him to do but once I told him tunnel he went right into the chute.  We have a lot to work to do yet but I am really happy with his progress overall, his willingness to work and follow me. I just have to be patient so I don't stress him out and push him too hard like I did with Kiah. 

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