Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 18 & 19 Class Notes

Keegan's pre-novice class
Since Keegan zoomed so much last week in the new area, I probably over compensated on our first run by keeping really close and grabbing his collar.  The second run was better, he had settled down and I gave him more freedom.  We also worked on our weave entrances, he is doing much better.

Kiah's class
Just a little bit of a zoom on the first run after the tunnel but she came right back and we had a great rest of the run except I missed part of the course.  I guess it was one of those senior moments as my sister calls them or it was a part of the course I wanted to forget, LOL!  The second run I got it right and so did Kiah, an awesome run for her.  Words can't express how pleased I am with her and how she is progressing

The heat has been so bad we don't practice or play outside very long, can't wait for this heat wave to be over.  We are doing the Cream City Trial in New Berlin on Friday and Saturday, I sure hope they have good air conditioning.  We are running FAST, JWW and Standard both days.  Lots of people from the club will be there and will be bringing my 11-year old great niece along too!  My sister and her husband may come to watch us on Saturday and my niece with the rest of her family plan on coming Saturday too.  It is going to be a lot of fun.

I had planned to take Keegan but with the heat it is best for him to stay home, he will be well taken care of by my nephew's family, I really don't think he misses us at all.  Hopefully Sitka (Flat Coated Retriever) will be out of heat and they can play inside in the AC.

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