Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a month!

So many things have gone on this month I am sure happy it is about to be over and hope that along with spring Kiah has better health.  We have Nationals coming up in May.

A week ago last Monday, I came home from work and Kiah's face was swollen so I gave her some Benadryl hoping that would get rid of the allergic reaction (all I can think is a spider or some bug bite).  By morning she was worse so we went to the vet.  She was put on Prednisone plus Benadryl.  Tried to do some agility over the weekend but she just was still not feeling well or it was the medication.

Last Monday morning I had a feeling she had a UTI (possible side affect of prednisone) the way she was acting, when it was light I found blood in her urine and back to the vet we go.  Definitely a UTI so she is now on antibiotics for 2 weeks and we have 4 pills left of the prednisone which she will be taking every other day to wean her off of it.  Poor girl can't catch a break but hopefully she can tolerate the antibiotics (diarrhea and vomiting side affects).  She did vomit last night but had been playing; maybe it won't happen again.

Thankfully Keegs is doing well, we started classes last night and he did really well.  Fun class and a great group of people in class.  We have one day of agility this coming weekend and hope Kiah is feeling better to run. Her classes start next week so she has some more time to recover.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forest City Trial 3/8-11/2013

Another great trial put on by my club, Forest City Dog Training Club in Loves Park. IL.  Always busy but always fun with such a great group.

I was surprised at Kiah, she zoomed in both JWW and Standard on Friday, the first time in over a year she has done that.  My fault as we have not done much since our last trial in December so we are back to working on focus every night, hopefully she will come around quickly since we have trials every weekend till the end of the month.  Saturday was the opposite, she didn't want to do anything at all, just kind of moped around.  The judges wife said she was limping before we went into run Standard (I didn't notice) and she fell off the dog walk so we left the course.  When we went home I used the vibrator the chiropractor recommended on her and massaged her left shoulder.  She must have been better because she zoomed again on Sunday.  Not a good weekend with runs for Kiah and I but she did seem to have some fun out there.

Keegs got a leg in Novice Standard (1st place) on Friday but nothing the rest of the weekend.  He did do well but we are still having problems with weaves.  He popped out in one and others we are having problems with entrances.  That is what we are working on the rest of the week.  Keegs just loves doing agility and I love running with him.

I am looking forward to next weekend to see if they both settle down and get back into trialing mode.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Internationalization" what it means to me!

Today is another Dog Agility Blog Event Day - March 6, 2013; please visit all the blogs at: (  Please leave comments, we all enjoy hearing what you have to say.

I have to say I hadn't really thought about it much until recently.  Now I am hearing more about many of the venues incorporating international rules, making more of the upper level courses  like the international courses and even adding new course formats.  I have heard AKC will be adding a new course called an excellent "C" run which will have more of an international feel and has been testing it at some trials.  I found some examples of the course maps on "Carolina Piedmont Agility's" FB page (like the page and see the videos also) and will post those at the end of the blog.  From what I have seen it will be challenging, a lot to learn but oh so much fun.  

Personally I think it is a great thing and probably way over due although I understand USDAA has always had more of an international feel and now I see more UKI trials being offered. The new class Kiah and I will be taking this session will have courses similar to USDAA courses so we will be learning many of those new moves.  Some of the ones I have seen so far are "backy uppy", Ketschker or "ass-pass" (a term that is easier to remember), out and back, and back side jumps which may even be the "backy uppy" but I am not really that knowledgeable on the terms yet.

I know the US has sent some great teams to the International trials but perhaps incorporating more international type courses in the larger venues will allow us to have an even greater number of teams to that will qualify to compete. 

As I mentioned I am excited to see these changes but need to remember no matter how challenging or how long it takes us to learn these new moves it has to be an enjoyable experience for Kiah, Keegs and myself otherwise it is not worth doing.

I also want to mention again please visit the other blogs and make comments, a lot of thought and effort goes into these blogs.  Some will have much more experience and others like me are just beginning to learn about Internationalization; I look forward to seeing all perspectives these blogs offer.

Here are the course maps:

Sunday, March 03, 2013

March 2013

Wow, if I get in to the trial at the end of the month we will have a trial every weekend but this one.  I am so excited to get back into trialing, I have missed seeing everyone.

Had a great practice last night with Renee and Lloyd (friends and my previous instructors from the club).  Learned some new moves from Renee that we need to practice at home for Kiah's new class coming up.  Kiah's class will begin either late March or early April, it depends on how many makeup classes they need to fit in for snow days.  Keegs class will start March 25.

We plan to go to the drop in class today too.  It will be our last training on a course before the club's 3-day trial next weekend.  We can do a little bit at home and we will practice Keegs entry to weaves, once he is in he does well but really doesn't associate the word "weaves" with entering the weaves yet.  He will catch on.  More later........