Thursday, March 03, 2016

Living the good life

Both Kiah and Keegs are now officially retired from agility.  They still get to go to the club to train but at a lower jump height then they trial at.  Since they were both in preferred I can't trial them at 16", if I could they could have a year or more of competing left.

Kiah may still do some obedience and rally, she has her BN and RA titles so far and I would at least like for her to get her CD and RE titles.  I have to practice the RE stations before I would even attempt to have her attempt them.  Keegs says he hates obedience so he will pass on participating :-).  I keep saying we should try Rally but he is not enthusiastic about doing it all when we do some practice.

I really don't think they miss agility at all, they may miss going with us but not sure they will as they just chill on the bed when we are gone. The neighbor who they love comes to let them out to potty several times a day too so they get to visit.