Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keegs 8/29/11 Class

We practiced on correct weave entrances and contacts in class.  Keegs is having a really hard time associating the word weave with going to the weaves plus I need to give hand signals to go through each pole or he will skip weaving and walk next to them. We just need to practice weaves more at home.  

He did pretty well on his contacts but still needs to learn to "wait" until he gets his release command.  I was proud of his teeter work; he did much better than he did at practice on Sunday morning.

At the end of class we did the whole course and NO ZOOM!!!!! What a good boy! We haven't practiced the chute a lot and he had no idea of what I wanted him to do but once I told him tunnel he went right into the chute.  We have a lot to work to do yet but I am really happy with his progress overall, his willingness to work and follow me. I just have to be patient so I don't stress him out and push him too hard like I did with Kiah. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun training day - Sunday 8/28/11

Kiah, Keegs and I met a friend, Kay with her Border Collie Jesse at the club for a practice session.  There was a jumpers course set up which was great.  It was a course more for excellent dogs which made it a challenge for both of us but we like challenges :-).

Kay took some videos for me which I will have to put together and post.  I was happily surprised that Kiah didn't zoom on me and did really well except for the times I forgot the course or did not give her directions early enough.

Keegs had a great time, he is still doing a zoom but comes back to me pretty quickly.  He is jumping well and we did do some contact work with him on the teeter and dog walk.  He still has problems with the motion on the teeter, sound doesn't seem to bother him at all which is good.

Hopefully we can get in some extra practice sessions other than classes at the club before our next trail in September. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kiah's 8/24/11 class

Another fun course last night but I don't think I will ever be able to do front crosses comfortably.  Cindy wanted us to practice the serpentine two ways before we did the whole course.  All of the dogs were out on the course, Kiah was pretty excited so I had a feeling she would zoom and she did.  It was one wide circle around the course and then came right back to me and sat down, that is something I can accept and an improvement.

Other than a handler mess up she did wonderfully again, stayed right with me and we were able to get some distance work in at the end of the course.  Overall it was a great night and both of us were up and having fun.

Cindy had made some suggestions as to keeping notes in class then transferring them to a training log (in more detail) and also keeping a trial log.  I have always meant to do it but now I am motivated so I am shopping this weekend for notebooks for both Kiah and Keegs!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keegs Agility Class - 8/22/11

We practiced on jumps (set in a circle) working on getting the dogs to watch us while being aware of what there hind ends are doing.  We started out with Keegs on a leash with the jumps really low, then jumps a little higher, then with the jumps set at different heights.  Keegs did do a couple of zooms but settled back in very quickly and was very happy, bouncy doing the jumps.

We then did a whole course with jumps, weaves and tunnel; he did well except for weaves which we have not practiced at home since they are broken and I have yet to fix them (my bad and my weekend project).  On the second and partial 3rd run he did well on the weaves but was getting a bit tired and I think bored by the end of class.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Agility class August 17

We have been on a 2-week break between class sessions but Kiah, Keegs and I continue to work at home on obedience, attention and agility.

I couldn't make it to Keegan's class on Monday, I had a meeting at work I had to attend so will have some updates for him next week.

Due to the new space class days have changed; Kiah and I are now doing Wednesday night classes and we have a new instructor, Cindy Platt.  It was a great class and Kiah did so well, no zooms, stayed with me and did everything I asked of her.  I am beginning to see more progress and it affects both Kiah's attitude and mine.  I am more relaxed and she is having fun which is everything I have been hoping for.

We have a 1-day trial on Sept. 11 (novice and open only) and a 2-day trial the following weekend (no confirmation yet). I am looking forward to the trials and am very excited to see how she handles the trial atmosphere.  I plan to work with her a lot while we are there; make her more relaxed and comfortable.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Last week classes & trial (Cream City)

Keegan's 7/25/11 pre-novice class
Keegs seems to be doing a little better each week with focus.  The one problem I have noticed is the teeter; he does it really well the first few times but seems to get more tentative each time after as he goes over.  We are on a two week break before the next session begins so it will be interesting to see what happens when we get back.

Kiah's 7/26/11 class
When Kiah zooms she usually runs around the course maybe taking some jumps as she runs but this zoom was more of a "catch me if you can" zoom.  If I told her down, she would do her down but then jump up as I got close, then go a short distance then take off again as I got close.  I would swear she was thinking "ha-ha you can't catch me", she was having a blast. It went on for about five minutes which seemed like forever to me.  Once I was able to catch her, she settled down and did the course well.  Hope when we get back to classes the middle of the month it doesn't happen again.  We still are working on her focus as much as I have time.

Cream City Trial  July 22 & 23
I am getting a few of the videos together and will make some notes as soon as I am finished with the videos