Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun training day - Sunday 8/28/11

Kiah, Keegs and I met a friend, Kay with her Border Collie Jesse at the club for a practice session.  There was a jumpers course set up which was great.  It was a course more for excellent dogs which made it a challenge for both of us but we like challenges :-).

Kay took some videos for me which I will have to put together and post.  I was happily surprised that Kiah didn't zoom on me and did really well except for the times I forgot the course or did not give her directions early enough.

Keegs had a great time, he is still doing a zoom but comes back to me pretty quickly.  He is jumping well and we did do some contact work with him on the teeter and dog walk.  He still has problems with the motion on the teeter, sound doesn't seem to bother him at all which is good.

Hopefully we can get in some extra practice sessions other than classes at the club before our next trail in September. 

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