Friday, September 28, 2012

September Trial

September 29, 2012 - No Q's for Kiah, her runs were a bit up and down but her attitude continues  to be positive and that is all I really am looking for now.

Keegs was having a grand old time on his Open JWW run, popped out of the weaves and missed one jump but he sure had fun.  Gotta smile at his antics.  He did settle down a bit for his Novice Standard run and now has his Novice Title in Standard.  He is picking up some speed, we were 10 seconds under standard time where we have been previously close or overtime.  He got a nice Title ribbon. 

September 28, 2012 (excellent only) - Kiah's Excellent A JWW run was a bit fast and wild, she took the discrimination jumps so I was getting her back on track several times.  She kept her enthusiasm and was having fun so that is what counts.

Kiah and I go to the K-9 Agility trial in New Berlin this afternoon for our first Excellent only trial.  The doors open at 1pm and the trial starts at 2pm; Kiah will run only a leg in 20" Excellent A preferred, she is still in Open in standard.  The class goes from tall to small so it won't be a late day for us.  I don't plan to take Keegs but he will be going tomorrow and  I will just set up for him today.  It will be a long day tomorrow with Kiah in Excellent JWW and Open Standard and Keegs in Open JWW but still in Novice Standard which will run small to tall.  I am hoping Keegs will be able to get his Novice Standard title so we will be done with Novice.  It would be nice if Kiah got her Open title too but I am still focusing on her enjoying herself and not getting her stressed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Classes

September 27, 2012:  The classes (same for both novice and open) was broken down into 3 sections, contacts with tunnel discrimination, difficult entries to weaves and jump course with either a serpentine or threadle.  Kiah did really well  but didn't want to overdue since we have the trial coming up Friday so we just worked each area twice.

WOW!  Keegs did so much better on his weaves, only popped out once or twice and is picking up some speed.  I am so proud that he is doing so well on his weaves plus he did his contacts, paid attention to me and did his discrimination challenge and even did a serpentine without any issues.  Did the same with him but we did work the weaves more times just to give him some practice.

September 19, 2012:  Keegs is beginning to pick up some speed and I can work him at a little more distance.  Weaves is still our biggest issue, this week training is going to be on entrances and not popping out of the weaves when I am on his right.

Kiah was awesome, still doing great with distance unless my signals are a bit too late or not clear.  She is focusing on me and having a good time so that is all I ask of her.

Trial coming up at the end of the month, same place we were in August so hopefully Keegs will do better.  Kiah will run Friday in excellent a, should be a short day since it is excellent only.  Hoping that Kiah gets her Open Standard on Saturday and Keegs his Novice Standard.  Then no more novice classes and the last dog of the day!!!!!  Didn't enter on Sunday, we all 3 need a rest and play day.

September 12, 2012:  It was so good to get back to classes, see everyone and get a good workout.  I was surprised at how well both Kiah and Keegs did without any training for 3 weeks.  I think they were happy to be back and I am sure getting those special treats doesn't hurt.

Christine, my instructor, creates fun but challenging courses; this week it was a jumpers course.  Kiah and I had fun, confused her a bit with some of my handling but she was a good sport and carried on.  She amazes me, she is sooo good with distance and gets better all the time.  It sure gives me more confidence in running her.   

Keegs course was Kiah's jumpers course but modified for his novice level. We did do 12 weave poles which is good since he is now in Open in jumpers.  He is picking up speed on his weaves (his good side) but continues to pop out on his bad side.  His good side is with me on the other side of the weaves and his bad when I am on the other side of him.  Either I am doing something I don't realize or he just doesn't get it yet.