Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Classes the week of 10/31/11

Keegan's pre-novice class-Last night we practiced lead-outs, front crosses and lead-out pivots.  On the first run Keegs did a zoom after the first couple of jumps and decided he wanted to play with the boxer puppy Addie.  Once he settled down he did really well except for the two times he wouldn't do the tire.  Not sure he has quite figured the tire out yet. No contacts were up so no contact work this week

Kiah's novice class-Great class, we did similar to what Keegs class did on Monday but more front crosses, pivots, etc. at the end of class we ran a full course.  Kiah did really well, a bit distracted at first but then got her focus.  I had a problem with one of the front crosses, couldn't keep her in the correct direction and missed a few times.  It is a nice break to focus on just handling skills and then try to use them while running the course.

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