Thursday, October 27, 2011

Classes the week of 10/24/11

Keegs pre-novice class 10/24/11-Keegs is doing really well and is beginning to listen to direction better.  If he does get ahead of me he is lost so just goes on his merry way.  His teeter is much better, he does still have some problems after going over it a couple of times. Weird you would think he would be tentative the first time he goes over instead of the 3rd time.  We also need to work on his entrance into weaves and work both sides of the weaves but he is still improving each time we work them.  I am very pleased at his progress, if he continues to improve as he has been I may try him in a CPE or NADAC next summer.

Kiah's novice class 10/26/11-She was in a mood the first time we walked out to the course, play bowed and scooted so I was pretty sure she would zoom and she did.  Told her down and front (after a big loop around the ring) and she did, woo hoo!  Great runs the rest of the night from her, a few handling issues that messed her up but other than that she was so good.  I just have to figure a way to get her not to zoom the first time out but still her up and happy.

I am excited, Kiah and I have 2-3 trials (wait listed on one trial) coming up in November and early December (our club's trial).  After that we are taking a break from trials until March of next year.  Never know what the weather is going to be like and most trials are 1-2 hours from me so not really up to driving in bad weather or losing my money.  If there is a NADAC or CPE I can get in the day of show we might fit one of those in.

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