Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sunday practice

On Sunday took Kiah and Keegan to the club to practice agility and obedience.  Kay took a couple of videos for me so I will post them later.  It was their last runs and Keegs was getting bored, he had done really well the run before.  I will have to remember with him not to overdue or he will begin to hate agility.  Kiah did well except for the handling errors on my part, had one area just couldn't send her right which you will see on the video.

Kiah did OK in the obedience practice, there were some others working their dogs in obedience while we were practicing.  We have only worked at home and once at the club in the agility area so it was really good for her and me to have the distractions.  I really need to work on keeping her close to me and paying attention.  I am having a tough time with getting her to stand from a sit so a lot more practice on those for us.

Here's the video from Sunday

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