Saturday, July 16, 2011

WAG 7/15/11 Tial Results

No Q's but I feel we are making progress.  We got there a bit later than I had wanted, the GPS sent us on a wild goose chase but we finally got to the trial just as they were getting ready to walk Novice JWW.  Got Kiah settled and went to walk, it was a nice flowing course.  The class was large so I had time to take Kiah out to potty and then we had some time for both of us to relax before we had to run.   Didn't really have any expectations just wanted it to be fun and no pressure on her.  I was so proud of her, she listened and came back to me, seemed like she was having fun too.  The Standard course had a lot of chances for off course obstacles and she did some but still was up and came back to me.  No total refusals except the weaves but I am still happy with her run.

I will post the video in a bit but I want to find another for comparison so you can see her progress.

OK, here is the video from WAG, a video from a class session and below them is a video of a couple of our spring trial runs.  Watch the differences in Kiah attitude and how she focuses in the different settings.  I hope some day that she will be as comfortable in a trial setting as she is at class.

At the end of the first WAG video my niece thought she was supposed to keep the camera on me, Kiah did do all of the last 3 jumps with just me yelling "go" for each jump.  I just couldn't keep up.

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