Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 11 & 12 Class Notes

Keegan's pre-novice class
As I mentioned earlier the club has expanded and we are now using the new area with turf.  It is much larger than the training area we were in previously.  The only time Keegan has been on the new turf was for a play time when we were working on the flooring.  Last night in class he thought it was play time again, he zoomed and ran around, had a great time.  Looks like a lot more focus & obedience training for him too!  Once he settled down he did pretty well, I can really see progress in his weaves and he is also doing pretty well on the dog walk contact. We do need to do more work on his a-frame contacts, he doesn't jump off but does not stop with his 2-on-2-off.  I don't have that equipment at home but now I can go to the club and practice when there are no classes.

Kiah's agility class
Kiah's class is tonight and I hope to get some video's of her in the new area.  I will add to this tomorrow.
Started off the night with a zoom, got her under control but she was still really flying when she hit the dog walk; ended up losing her balance and coming off the top.  She didn't seem to be hurt although she was pretty slow going through the weaves so maybe she was sore.  This morning she seemed to be just fine, thank goodness.  The rest of the runs she did really well and I am really pleased with her contacts on both a-frame and dog walk.

Tomorrow we will work on focus with JoAnne (my trainer who is helping me work out some problems, she is great) and Friday we go to a trial. My goal is to make this really fun for her but still keep her focus while we are going thru the course.   I have to keep my nerves in check and focus on her, keeping her up and happy.  Wish us luck.

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