Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a month!

So many things have gone on this month I am sure happy it is about to be over and hope that along with spring Kiah has better health.  We have Nationals coming up in May.

A week ago last Monday, I came home from work and Kiah's face was swollen so I gave her some Benadryl hoping that would get rid of the allergic reaction (all I can think is a spider or some bug bite).  By morning she was worse so we went to the vet.  She was put on Prednisone plus Benadryl.  Tried to do some agility over the weekend but she just was still not feeling well or it was the medication.

Last Monday morning I had a feeling she had a UTI (possible side affect of prednisone) the way she was acting, when it was light I found blood in her urine and back to the vet we go.  Definitely a UTI so she is now on antibiotics for 2 weeks and we have 4 pills left of the prednisone which she will be taking every other day to wean her off of it.  Poor girl can't catch a break but hopefully she can tolerate the antibiotics (diarrhea and vomiting side affects).  She did vomit last night but had been playing; maybe it won't happen again.

Thankfully Keegs is doing well, we started classes last night and he did really well.  Fun class and a great group of people in class.  We have one day of agility this coming weekend and hope Kiah is feeling better to run. Her classes start next week so she has some more time to recover.

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