Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Internationalization" what it means to me!

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I have to say I hadn't really thought about it much until recently.  Now I am hearing more about many of the venues incorporating international rules, making more of the upper level courses  like the international courses and even adding new course formats.  I have heard AKC will be adding a new course called an excellent "C" run which will have more of an international feel and has been testing it at some trials.  I found some examples of the course maps on "Carolina Piedmont Agility's" FB page (like the page and see the videos also) and will post those at the end of the blog.  From what I have seen it will be challenging, a lot to learn but oh so much fun.  

Personally I think it is a great thing and probably way over due although I understand USDAA has always had more of an international feel and now I see more UKI trials being offered. The new class Kiah and I will be taking this session will have courses similar to USDAA courses so we will be learning many of those new moves.  Some of the ones I have seen so far are "backy uppy", Ketschker or "ass-pass" (a term that is easier to remember), out and back, and back side jumps which may even be the "backy uppy" but I am not really that knowledgeable on the terms yet.

I know the US has sent some great teams to the International trials but perhaps incorporating more international type courses in the larger venues will allow us to have an even greater number of teams to that will qualify to compete. 

As I mentioned I am excited to see these changes but need to remember no matter how challenging or how long it takes us to learn these new moves it has to be an enjoyable experience for Kiah, Keegs and myself otherwise it is not worth doing.

I also want to mention again please visit the other blogs and make comments, a lot of thought and effort goes into these blogs.  Some will have much more experience and others like me are just beginning to learn about Internationalization; I look forward to seeing all perspectives these blogs offer.

Here are the course maps:


  1. Thanks for posting those! And I agree, no matter what it still needs to be fun! :)

  2. Soooo much stuff to work on!

  3. I think they look fun, but I wouldn't want to run them all the time - one or two of these looked like nothing but tight lines and wraps. Anja loves it - but not every dog would. One thing I've noticed in the classes I take with the USDAA influence, is that there is a good balance between tight sequences and challenges, and wide open running, letting the dog open up and have fun, too.

  4. Renee, hopefully they will learn as they get further along in the process.


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