Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forest City Trial 3/8-11/2013

Another great trial put on by my club, Forest City Dog Training Club in Loves Park. IL.  Always busy but always fun with such a great group.

I was surprised at Kiah, she zoomed in both JWW and Standard on Friday, the first time in over a year she has done that.  My fault as we have not done much since our last trial in December so we are back to working on focus every night, hopefully she will come around quickly since we have trials every weekend till the end of the month.  Saturday was the opposite, she didn't want to do anything at all, just kind of moped around.  The judges wife said she was limping before we went into run Standard (I didn't notice) and she fell off the dog walk so we left the course.  When we went home I used the vibrator the chiropractor recommended on her and massaged her left shoulder.  She must have been better because she zoomed again on Sunday.  Not a good weekend with runs for Kiah and I but she did seem to have some fun out there.

Keegs got a leg in Novice Standard (1st place) on Friday but nothing the rest of the weekend.  He did do well but we are still having problems with weaves.  He popped out in one and others we are having problems with entrances.  That is what we are working on the rest of the week.  Keegs just loves doing agility and I love running with him.

I am looking forward to next weekend to see if they both settle down and get back into trialing mode.

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