Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thor - Obedience Classes....

started this week (October 29).  I am really happy to get in a structured class as I have been lax on his training. These classes will force me to work with him more often since the instructor will know by our progress whether or not we have been working between classes.  He such a smart little guy I am sure he will learn quickly and do well.

The first class was basically teaching our dogs to stay with us (no heeling yet).  Dropping the leash means pay attention and come with me.  Even if they are not looking at you they feel the leash drop and turn to follow you.  Thor was having issues, basically he said by his actions "if I can't drag you one way then I will turn with you and drag you the other way".  As I said he is a bit spoiled and naughty but basically he wants to please so this will become second nature after we have practiced.

We worked the drop leash in class by ourselves and then with different distractions; another dog and a toy. Next week we will begin healing and learning turns.  It is a small class so we get quite a bit of practice time even if the practice set has to be done by one dog alone.  More next week......

 Nov 5 class:  Reviewed the drop leash and then started on healing with sits, about turns, left and right turns.  Then did them as a class in a circle for distractions.  Our instructor always likes to end the class with a fun thing; the first week it was the tunnel and this week it was the baby dog walk.  Again lots of homework practice.

Dec. 11 class:  Can't believe we only have one class left in our beginner obedience class.  Last night was a review and next week we will have our graduation (I hope :-) ).  Thor has had some really good nights and some not so good where he is more interested in what the other dogs are doing besides wanting to play with them.  He did do well on our figure 8's last night and the sits at the halts.  The minute sit-stay was really good but on the minute down he jumped up when the dog next to him broke the down otherwise I think he would have made it. Our instructor said that the next class each dog will go at the pace they are ready for.  If Thor is ready to be off leash he will if not, he will be on leash even if the rest of the class is off leash.  I think that is great so none of the dogs will be forced to do something they are not ready for. 

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