Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keegans journey....

Keegs has been on thyroid medication for a month now; it is hard to believe he is the same dog who had no energy, wasn't too interested in playing with toys or doing much in the way of exercising.  Now I wonder how long it has been that he has had problems with his thyroid.  I guess it all happened so gradually that I really didn't notice he was doing less and had little interest in doing the things he used to do.  As many people have said they thought it was just aging.  Kiah is still my wild child and she is only a few months younger but I thought it was just personalities that made them different.

Renee my friend, mentor and trainer had asked me several times about having him tested for thyroid and I finally got around to making the appointment.  His results came back from Michigan on the low normal side of all the tests and below normal on the T4.  They said it just be a fluke and didn't recommend medication.  After reading so much about the symptoms and thinking of the symptoms Keegs is displaying; lethargic, dark pigmentation down his back and lack of interest in his surroundings I was sure he needed medication and so did Renee.  Renee had a boxer that displayed some of the same symptoms and ended up being severely thyroidal.  My vet knew my feelings and was willing to put Keegs on medication with the intention to monitor him closely to be sure he stays in a normal range.  His blood tests after the first month have come back and he is doing so well.  He will he having another blood test in 3 months unless he starts to lose weight or has symptoms of going too far above normal range then he will be tested sooner.  The dark pigmentation down his back is slowly fading away, another sign that the meds are working for him.

I just have to smile watching him enjoy life.  We will have to do some more focus work in agility though :-) since he is acting so much like a puppy now.

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