Monday, March 12, 2012

3/9-11/12 Forest City Agility Trial

What an awesome weekend; Kiah did well, I am so proud and happy with her progress.  On Friday she got a Q in Standard, first place and almost Q'd in Jumpers but the last bar fell.  She must have barely touched it since I didn't hear the tick.  Someone said I slowed down so it pulled her back a bit; my bad.

On Saturday, she did well again but I was kind of over excited in standard, she followed everything I told her to do (at least what she could figure out) so we didn't Q.  I calmed down in Jumpers but took her over the wrong jump on the way out so it was bad handler all day Saturday.

Sunday-Kiah was perfect and I did much better in my handling so we Q'd in both Standard and Jumpers.  She got a 2nd in Standard and a 1st in Jumpers.  This gave us our Novice Preferred Standard Title and our 2nd leg in Jumpers.  I am on cloud 9 to see what an improvement she is making and we are both having fun which is the best part.  I have videos I will post later.

Keegs, my silly, wonderful boy had fun at his first trial.  On Friday he didn't do much more than take a few obstacles and visit all the bar setters on the course.  Saturday was much better, not so much visiting and more obstacles and on Sunday he improved more.  This weekend was exactly what I wanted to see from him, since the trial was at the club it was a great place for him to get trial experience.  We may do a NADAC in April and then our club has another trial on June 30-July1 so I will enter him in that too.

I just have to add how wonderful agility people are; so many have seen our struggles the past few years and came up to us to congratulate us.  My club members have been so supportive and my trainers are the best in the world.  Renee and JoAnne thank you so much for helping us get this far and for your continued support.

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