Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hmmm! Training...not agility

Today is another Dog Agility Blog Event Day - Sept. 4, 2014, today's topic is "Outside The Ring". Please visit all the blogs at: ( the Ring/).  It would be wonderful if you made a comment on each of the blogs you read, we all enjoy hearing what you have to say.

Previous to this past year I have pretty much only done agility training except for a little obedience training here and there. With my new puppy Thor, still calling him a puppy even though he is almost 20 months old, I have been working more in obedience, teaching him tricks and also starting some core strengthening and rear end awareness exercises.  Kiah and Keegs will also be doing the core strengthening which I feel is especially important now that they are both 8 years old.

In everyday life, I suppose the other things I do is to try my best to keep them healthy, active and happy.  Good food, exercise, and a lot of love.  I try to have one-on-one time with each dog so they don't feel left out.  OK, maybe that is equating them with human emotions but that is how I think they feel so I am good with that.  There is nothing worse than the sad, poor me look of a Boxer when they feel sad. 

They learn if they finish their food early they do not get to try to eat from another bowl until that dog is finished.  They stay in a down until their food is prepared, put down and they are released.  They have to work (sit, down, do a trick) for any treats they get.  Just everyday manners that will help when around other dogs at trials.

I am looking forward to reading what others are saying,  I am sure I will learn so much, probably find some wonderful ideas to add to my things to do "Outside the ring"

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  1. enjoyed your post. Your dogs are beautiful and sounds like they are well loved! Thank you.


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