Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August ALREADY!!!!!!

I can't believe it is almost the middle of August already.

Kiah, Keegs, Thor and I have been keeping up classes, some agility and some obedience trails the last couple of months.  Not much to report in agility for Kiah and Keegs but we have only done a couple of trials and won't be doing more until mid-September. Thor is continuing with his classes in agility and obedience each week so he has been busy too.

Kiah and Thor have been doing a bit of obedience/rally each month. Thor has his RN title and two legs in beginner novice in obedience.  We did try RA and regular novice but he is not ready for off leash, still too distracted by what is going on outside the ring.  Kiah got her RN & RA titles but we will stick to Advanced for a while, I have to learn the different signs for Rally Excellent.  She also got her beginner novice title at Tree Town Boxer Clubs/Midwest Boxer Club Ob/Rally trial, it was a special moment for us with a beautiful Title ribbon from Midwest Boxer Club.  Thor was mesmerized by all of the Boxers.  Wonderful fun trial for all of us.

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