Monday, May 20, 2013

May Trials

After we got back from Boxer Nationals we did a trial at Villa Park (Lyons Township) neither got any Q's but some interesting courses. As I mentioned earlier Keegan got his second leg in Open JWW at Nationals and last weekend (May 18 & 19) we did K-9 Obedience Club's trial he got his last leg and his title.

I am continually learning more each time I run him, if I don't keep ahead of him he often will lose his focus on me.  That is when he prances around to see what is going on around him, silly boy.  Our first run in Excellent P JWW was awesome and I have no doubt he would have Q'd if I hadn't gotten lost and took him over a wrong jump.  Ended up with 2 wrong jumps to get back on the course and he finished in style.  Hit his weaves perfectly and even did them a bit faster than he normally does (one of the things we really need to work on).  We finished a few seconds over with two faults (my bad).  He is so much fun to run and done so well in such a short amount of time.

Kiah is still stressing, I believe now it is just habit with her.  She knows if she doesn't do anything she gets to leave the course.  Renee is going to run her at the next trial, maybe we can get her out of this funk at trials.  It just kills me because we have so much fun in class and she is just awesome.  She has so much potential and I want her to enjoy the trial atmosphere and not dread it.  I would hate to leave her out but if this continues and she is so miserable then I don't want to force her into doing trials anymore.  We will see how this year goes and if it continues then she will be retired next year.  I will continue classes with her and maybe the club trials since she is comfortable there.

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