Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doberman Club of Greater Milwaukee Trial-April 19-21, 2013

It was a 3 day trial and a great weekend, we stayed overnight on Friday and Saturday it was nice to be only a few minutes away from the trial.  Keegs is not the best dog to have as a roomie, he thought every noise was something he had to alert me to so not much sleep either night.  Hopefully he will do better at Nationals in early May.

On Friday none of us had the best runs; Kiah was stressed (me helping to stress her) and Keegs thought bouncing around the course was fun (at least I don't stress him out).  Saturday was better for both Kiah and Keegan; Kiah was a little less stressed and Keegs got his Open Standard title but we were 2 seconds over time with one fault so his score was 91.  Not the best but we will take it although I decided not to move him up for Sunday.

On Sunday Renee ran Kiah for me, she wanted to show me how to keep Kiah focused and what she does if not stressed by me.  I videoed it and it is at the end of this post.  I did do better with not stressing her in the next run so she ran much better (maybe I was too tired to be so stressed since I had so little sleep :-) ).  Keegs really did well on Sunday and he Q'd his run in open standard, no faults and 12 seconds under time which is awesome for us.  I did run faster and he stayed right with me, I have to trust him more.  A friend videoed it on her iphone but the file was pretty small so not the best quality but at least I have the run.  His video is attached also.

Here is Kiah and Renee.

Here is Keegs Q on Sunday:

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