Monday, August 20, 2012

August Trial

Over all a great weekend, Keegs got more trial experience in a larger venue with 2 rings and strange disembodied voices that said "Ready" and the count down for the table.  We sat near the speaker on Sunday for the excellent standard so he would get used to the voice and he did well after a while.  I think it helped that a friend held him while I walked a course and videoed a friend. I think Keegs fell in love with her, she was so good with him.  He just sat there contentedly while she petted him.   

As usual Kiah had her ups and downs.  Saturday she got her Open P Jumpers title!!!!!!!! Finally in Excellent A; exciting and scary at the same time. Her standard run was tentative but she did have some wonderful moments.  I was told that I am not the same handler as when I run her in Jumpers and that could be a big part of her problem in Standard.  Too careful due to the contacts etc!

Sunday we had a wild run on Jumpers but it was wonderful to see her up and animated, that was a fun run.  Standard was a no go, she just stood and looked around so I pulled her.

The first run on the video is Kiah's last leg for her Open title; the second run on the video is her first run in Excellent A.  It scared me when she knocked the bar but she kept going and wasn't limping so we went on.  The third run on the video was Keegan last run of the trial, Novice Std.  I messed him up, we were supposed to go right to the A-Frame.  I was pleased that I could keep his attention as much as I did, the rest of his runs he had no interest in being out there.  For the open & novice the judge did a manual count, not sure why.


  1. Boxers are AMAZING for greeting the judge and making him feel welcome and comfortable and for sniffing out all the extra crickets that might be laying around on the course! Gotta keep the course clean, ye know! Just checking. Hope you have everything you need Mr. Judge. Ok? Good. I'll go on about my business, then. Later, Dude.

    Lord Malcolm and Lady McKenzie along with Her Majesty, Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg

    1. So true!!!!! The photographer was trying to hide during another run but Keegs saw her and had to go see what she was doing. It looked a lot more interesting than doing those obstacles :-)


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