Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Trials

June 30-July 1, 2012 - Forest City Trial: 
What a wonderful weekend for my two awesome Boxers.  My boy Keegan did me proud by qualifying in all 4 of his novice P runs with a 1st (std) & 2nd (JWW) on Saturday.  Sunday he got a 2nd (std) and a 1st (JWW).  He seems to be having a great time and he is so much fun to run with.  He is still pretty much a pre-novice dog and we have both have a lot to learn about running with each other but we are getting there.

Kiah is doing so much better at trials then she used to.  She is beginning to show more energy and enthusiasm and I am pleased with her progress.  Saturday she did well, no Q's but I was happy with her runs.  Sunday she qualified in both of her runs with a 3rd in std and a 2nd in JWW.  I was especially happy with her JWW run.  She is still a bit slow on her weaves but at least she is doing them, just have to make them more fun for her again.  Kiah now has 2 legs in both OpenP Std & OpenP JWW.

Our next trial will be the last weekend of July, so we will have some rest time but will continue with our training.

Kiah's videos:

Keegan's videos:

June 23, 2012 - Cudahy Trial - Novice and Open only:
Had so much fun at the Cudahy trial with Kiah and Keegan.  Kiah didn't do so well on her first run (standard), she wanted her toy so when I released her at the start line she took off to get her toy and the judge whistled us off :-(    Keegs did well for his second trial and the first time away from the club. On his standard run, he didn't do the weaves and missed a jump but got all of his contacts.  He had a great time and so did I.

Kiah did so much better on her jumpers run, she had energy and seemed to be enjoying herself more.  No dragging her head or sniffing the ground which is a big improvement for her.  Her video is posted below.

Keegs did the whole JWW course but I am not sure of his time or how many faults he had.  Cudahy only posted the dogs who qualified so I am not sure how close he came.  It was a fun run and I am so proud of him and his progress.

Here is Kiah's run:

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