Tuesday, June 05, 2012

June Classes

June 18-20, 2012 - Keegs and Kiah classes:
Didn't make it to Keegan's class, had a migraine and it was way to hot to deal with a headache.  Kiah's class was fun, we did several short sequences instead of running a whole course.  It was great for what we are trying to do with Kiah to get her back to enjoying agility more which will hopefully transition to a trial.  She got lots of praise, treat and toy rewards at the end of each sequence. 

June 17, 2012 - Practice session:
My friend met me at the club and we did some short practice sequences with Ky and Keegs.  One person at the end of a line of jumps or contact, calling with lot of praise and treats at the end. Keegs was having a blast and actually did better than Kiah with a line of jumps.  Never thought Keegs would go so fast on the A-Frame that he would miss a contact but he did so we worked on him hitting his contacts. Ran a course at the end but both were tired and hot so we quit. 

June 11 & 13, 2012 - Keegan & Kiah's classes:
With this warm weather, Keegs tires out pretty quickly but he tries and he is making progress each week.  Kiah continues to do really well in class unless I mess up on my handling.  Sometimes I forget to give her precise commands or not early enough as if she can read my mind. She amazes me sometimes and I do think she does read me really well.

June 6, 2012 - Kiah's class:
I have to say she is just awesome in class, if only I can bring just a little of that to a trial we would do so well.  I am working with a trainer on short sequences to get her excited again and I can tell she is having furn.

June 4, 2012- Keegan's class:
Good class last night, started out kind of warm in the building but the AC finally kicked in and it was cool.  Keegs did so well, he is beginning to pick up some speed doing his weaves.  We are doing some distance exercises and he did pretty good.  I am excited to see how he will do in his second trial the end of June.

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