Sunday, May 06, 2012

May Trials

May 26-27, 2012 Smack Dab Trial (Naperville)

The Thundershirt and calming spray seemed to help while walking around at the trial but not so much during the runs.  I think it has gotten to be pretty much habit that she dreads getting out on the course and running.  She did have moments of doing a few obstacles but mostly she just sauntered around and took her time.

On Saturday, if she had been a bit faster we would have Q'd in JWW but ended up 13 seconds over with a refusal the first time on weaves.  I did get out in front of her and run more than I usually do at trials but it didn't work in the other runs.

Plan to schedule some sessions in July with a trainer to see if we can't get back on track.  Two trials coming up in June; a small venue with only novice and open dogs on Saturday June 23rd and my clubs trial the end of June.  Both Kiah and Keegan will be entered in those.  There is one in July but not sure if Keegan will be entered or not, closing date will be before he runs in June so I will have to think about it. I do plan to enter Kiah in July.  Work is hectic in August so will not schedule any trials that month and may even skip September but will depend on how they both do in June and Kiah in July.

May12-13, 2012 Lyons Township Dog Club (Villa Park) - 

It was not a good weekend for us again.  I thought since we were running FAST first thing in the morning Kiah would not be too stressed or tired of being crated and we would do OK.  Not the case, the whole day she was slow or just did well on small segments of the course.  Sunday was even worse, in JWW the judge made a comment that she thought she was done :-(  and we left.  Renee, a trainer and friend ran her in Standard for me.  She tried something a bit different with her; she sat on a chair in the staging area not playing with her just trying to get Kiah relaxed.  Kiah was still slow, finished the course at 70 seconds and SCT was 76.  Renee was right in her face, calling, clapping and praising her and ended up with a Q.  I plan to try the same thing with her along with her Thundershirt to see if that helps her relax.  If she is relaxed I won't get as tense and not stress her out even more. 

May 4-5, 2012  Northwest Obedience Club (Crystal Lake) -

It wasn't our best weekend, Friday was a really long day, there had been really bad storms the night before and our JWW judge was not able to land at the Chicago Airport.  By the time she was able to land the next day and get to the trial we started 3 hours late; thank goodness it was JWW and not Standard.  Kiah was pretty stressed out which stressed me out and our runs were not good at all.  I did pull her in Jumpers she just had no interest at all.

Saturday it was a bit better, we got to the trial about an 1.5 hours before we ran but she was still stressed even with Keegan there.  I am not sure what to do for her to make her more comfortable but did just order her a thundershirt to see if that will help her.  I hope it gets here before next weekend for our next trial.  I don't think I will take Keegs with us and see if I can bring her out more to see if that helps.

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