Thursday, May 03, 2012

May Classes

Last two weeks in May is the break between sessions so no classes until June.

Kiah & Keegan - May 14 &16, 2012
Last class of the session and we did our testing to see if either would go up to the next class.  They think Keegan needs more experience and confidence so he is staying in his class.  Kiah got excellent on all of her tests but we don't have an Open title so we are not eligible to move up.  I am happy that we are staying in our classes since Keegs does need more confidence and the open class for Kiah is fun and challenging.

Keegan - May 7, 2012
Keegs continues to improve, still need some work on rear crosses, as he spins if he doesn't see me on the same side I was prior to his jump.  Can't rear cross too soon or he spins right before the jump.  Still practicing weaves so he gets used to me doing both sides.

Kiah - May 2, 2012
A really fast, fun jumpers course last night. Kiah had a great attitude and was having fun even though I gave her some confusing signals. I kept forgetting where to go on the course but she stuck right with me and was ready to go when I figured it out. If she does half as well at the trial this weekend and I remember where I am going we should have some fantastic runs and hopefully a Q or two. There should be several people there I know, if they stick around for open I hope to get some videos. I am excited about trialing again which is good since we have two more trials this month.

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