Sunday, February 26, 2012


Almost to the end of February so decided to go to the club to work with Keegan on his weaves and a jump sequence.  Keegan will knock bars not because they are too high but I think it is because he doesn't control his back feet well yet.  One of the trainers suggested putting up several jumps in a row at different heights and at a closer distance so decided to give that a try.

There was a teeter, 12 pole weaves, 2 jumps and a tunnel already set up so just added 4 jumps to that to have a mini course.  Set the  jumps at 20, 16, 24, 12, 22 and 16 in a row; the first couple of times he knocked bars but then got the hang of it and didn't knock any more bars.  We do really well on one side of the weaves but need to practice more on both sides so I can do either at a trial.  Keegs still needs more practice for his entrances, he is getting better but sometime still misses them or runs right by the weaves.

Worked Kiah on the same sequence, she knocked a bar the first time too but the rest of the time she did them all without a problem.  I also realized a couple of times that I could give her better cues to show her where to go or to give her a better angle to successfully complete the obstacles.  She really gives me a workout and I love it.

In less than two weeks we will have our clubs 3-day trial and I am really getting excited.  Kiah and I have a trial almost every weekend in March.  I am hoping we finally get out of Novice; keep your fingers crossed for us.

More soon!

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