Friday, January 13, 2012

January, 2012

Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their New Year.

Classes will be starting up next week for both Kiah and Keegan.  Kiah and I did do some special classes during the break, they were a lot of fun.  We did a Standard, FAST and Tunnelers course but missed the Jumpers course.

Took Kiah on a couple of long walks with my sister, BIL and their two Springers. I let Kiah off leash, she did really well;  I was proud of her and how far she has come in her training.  We ran into another couple with a boxer and the two boxer girls had a blast running together.  I also got brave and let Keegs off leash on one of our walks, he was really good and minded very well too.  The dog walk is in a wooded area with cement paths for walking your dog but also people walking by themselves or bicycles.  You can also take a wooded path for your walks too but we stay on the cement path.  We have had beautiful weather for this time of year so it has been really enjoyable.  I have not been not brave enough to take both dogs at the same time as they do tend to be a bit crazy together. Maybe later this spring I will see how they do.

 I have high expectations for Kiah this year and Keegs will be entered in his first trial in March.  It will a be 3-day trial at our club so he should feel pretty comfortable.  We will see how well he does at the trial before I enter him in other trials. 

More later as classes start back up.

Classes have started back up.  Just a few notes as to things we need to work harder on.

Kiah:  Haven't been working her in obedience as much and I can begin to see her slipping so that will be a priority for us in February.  March will be a busy month if I can get in all of the trials I have entered. 

Keegan:  He is entered in our club's trial (FCDTC) all 3 days in March, his first trial ever.  I really need him to learn distance and entry on weaves.  He has a much harder time learning names and associating with an obstacle but he is getting there.  He will be my velcro dog.

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