Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Classes this week

Bad day at work on Monday and wasn't up to going to class with Keegs so we just worked outside for a little bit.  It was just way to windy to work long though.

Missed Kiah's class due to a late meeting at work.  No more meetings for the group, it was our last meeting for the search committee.  Can't wait to find out who the chancellor will pick as our new campus dean.

I don't have to work this weekend, no trials either plus the weather is supposed to be decent. I plan to relax, take the K's for walks and do some sessions with the K's outside. I should start to clean up the garden too, I enjoy it and have some good books to listen to while I am working.  Maybe we will go to the club and practice this weekend since we missed classes!

Next week is our last class in the session and we will have two weeks off.  Our next trial is the end of October; I am on the wait list for one day and hope to get in since I am #23 on the list.

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