Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Acres Boxer Rescue-Boxer Bash 9/24/11

My great niece and I took Kiah and Keegan to the Boxer Bash in Columbus yesterday.  With all of our obedience training I was hoping that Kiah wouldn't freak out when she saw the Lure Course.  She did start screaming as soon as she saw it and they hadn't even run the course yet.

She was the first dog to run and she got the bag about 3/4 of the way, tore it up pretty bad.  They fixed it and added another bag and she got that one too. I wasn't sure if Keegs would chase it but seeing the other dogs do it made him want to.  He did pretty well but half way around the 2nd time he was pretty much done.

Kiah's screaming freaked Keegs out pretty bad and he went after her when she made that awful screaming noise.  Next year it will only be Keegs who goes; Kiah freaks so bad it scares me that she is going to have a heart attack or something.  Keegs will do well without her along and it will be more fun since I won't have to fight Kiah all the time trying to get to the lure course.

Kiah got a yellow scarf to show she was adopted from Green Acres Boxer Rescue.  When she finally noticed it after we left she looked at me like "where did this come from".   LOL, all she could think about was the Lure Course.

Here are the links from the photographer at the bash;
 Kiah        Kiah2         Keegs       Keegs2

Here are a few pictures Lisa took.



Lisa's Rocky

Crystal's Olive (I think this is at the dog park after the bash)

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