Sunday, May 11, 2014

May-June 2014

Thor and Kiah had Ob\Rally trial on May 31st.  They both did really well; Thor got another leg in Rally Novice B and almost got a leg in Beginner Novice A but I had to call him a 2nd time on the recall which was an automatic NQ.  Up until that point he did awesome.  Kiah lagged a bit in Rally Advanced A but ended up with a 94 which gave her a first place.  In beginner novice A she got her first leg (3rd) with an 189.5.  It was a wonderful day.

No agility trials in May but will be doing some Rally & Obedience with Kiah and Thor.  We are continuing agility classes. Thor and I will also be doing some private lessons with our obedience instructor to get him ready for Novice Obedience at my club (Tree Town Boxer Club) trial in early August.  In the mean time we will be doing some Beginner Novice practice at trials.

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