Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 2013

Feb.17, 2013:  We had a great time at class on Sunday's drop-in class.  Kiah's first run was awesome, had a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  I messed up on getting her at a right angle and she dropped a bar, looked at me like "I am so sorry" and I thought she would just give up but I told her it was OK, she perked right up and we finished the course with the same energy she started.  AWESOME!!!! that she recovered so quickly and shrugged it off; a year ago she would have been done running the course and not paid any attention to me.

Keegs had the "bouncy" bug when he ran the first time, it was funny to see him try to bounce through the weaves, had to redo them 3 times before he was able to finish them.  Second run for him the bounciness was gone but still happy and energetic.  We would have Q'd if it had been a trial.

There were a couple of spots on the course where I had some problems, it was easier with Keegs as he isn't quite as fast as Kiah but he is getting there.  I am still working on keeping a head of them and not waiting for them but still having issues with front crosses.

Feb.10, 2013:  Worked with Keegs on sending him out to jumps, he did a really good job and it won't be long before I can work more distance with him.  Kiah and I practiced focus at the start line.  She has a wonderful start line stay but she looks everywhere but at me when I walk away.  I just walk backwards keeping eye contact with her and then go back to treat her or call her to me to treat her for her focus.  This is something we can practice at home too.

The course was furn, we ran the easier course first and then ran the harder course since the weather was awful and no one showed up but me and one other person so I got to run Keegs too.  It was a good session for all of us.

Feb.9, 2013: No trials so far this month but plan to go to a drop-in class tomorrow (2/10/2013) if there is no freezing rain.  I will work Keegs for awhile before the class sets up since he is not eligible for the class.  Kiah will run in the class.

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