Monday, December 03, 2012

Forest City Nov-Dec Trial

It was a wonderful long weekend; the trial was so much fun and our club workers make it such a good experience.  I worked in the office this year helping enter sheets, getting info ready for the judge to review, got results filed in the books and  labels out to those who had Q'd.  I have to give so much credit to trial secretaries, can't believe how much work they do in preparing, working during the trial and the post work that makes a trial run so well.  Renee Fulcer is our trial secretary and she is just awesome so if you are looking for a great person to run your trial check her out at her event page

Kiah and Keegs did well this weekend, Kiah got her Open title in standard and her first leg in Ex A jumpers. Keegs got a leg each in his Open Jumpers and Open Standard.  I really have to work on moving, keeping ahead of them and my front crosses (UGH!!!!).  I really need to work on distance with Keegs, teach him to go out and work direction better.  Kiah and I need to work more on communication, she sometimes anticipates what she thinks the next jump will be and takes it without checking or listening to me.  I also have to work on queuing her faster.

I will post their scores once they are published.


  1. Congratulations on a great event! Kiah and Keegs! You're awesome! Some day I will get the courage to return to the ring and try to get something besides laughter with mine...............

  2. LOL Brenda, I still get plenty of laughs with mine. Kiah picked her own way to finish the course on one run and Keegs thought the judge was way more interesting to visit than running a course. Gotta love those silly Boxers :-) never a dull moment. They are awesome snugglers though.


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